Our services

Team apps

Team apps are our main bread and butter. We create the framework, if you will, and see to the technical tasks. You, on the other hand, are the master of your own content. Decide what to show, where and how, and keep your content up-to-date in real-time.

Custom apps

Our sole purpose and philosophy is to be a tool for you to evolve, which means that we are always looking at how every project can improve your revenues and brand-image. 

Sometimes, you just want more. Maybe you have some form of a databank with for example season ticket holders, and you want to transition from plastic cards to a more sustainable solution and provide season tickets digitally. We’ll take a look at how the data is formatted, what different options are there for season tickets, how do you want users to get and validate them, what is the validation process like at the venue-entrance and so forth. We’ll create a solution you can be happy and proud of, be it a season ticket system or something completely different.



Eventer provides you with the option to publish live results, for example in an app. Live results is an engaging feature for your fans both near and far. There are numerous other uses for this kind of data, for example ‘Rads' and Agon League (more information coming soon). 

We provide a system for you to start logging stats digitally, offering you plenty of opportunities. You don’t need to bring pen and paper to a game anymore, just use that phone in your pocket, or any other device such as a tablet or a laptop. The system is intuitive and easy to use, and all data is automatically stored in the cloud. If an internet connection is unavailable, the data is stored on your device and uploads when you connect to the internet again.

Finally, sports teams have a tool for connecting fans and brands