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Our contracts are made on a yearly basis, which align with the corresponding season. Typically, Summer sports' season starts in March and ends in February, while Winter sports' season starts in August and ends in July. However, these are mere guidelines and can naturally be negotiated to suit you.


Subscription types and other contract affecting topics need to be discussed and updated three months before the start of a new season.



  • Starting fee: €1599
  • Monthly fee: €229 
  • Modules included: Basic




Standard XL


  • Starting fee: €2499
  • Monthly fee: €279
  • Modules included: Basic + shops






  • Set-up fee: €3999
  • Monthly fee: €329
  • Modules included: All






  • Set-up fee: *Tailored
  • Monthly fee: €199
  • Stats input system and database





Possible scenario: You have a main sponsor that covers the costs of your licence in return for exclusive rights to the brand-building, marketing and advertising real-estates in the app. This would cost your sponsor four times the cost of a regular licence, as we forfeit all advertising revenue expectations. However, this does not affect sales commissions. If, at a later date, you decide to part ways with your sponsor, we can revert your licence back to a regular one.

Welcome to the future

An app for your sports organization enables cashless and cardless payments at your venue. You can even make money by selling modern sponsorships. Furthermore, engage your fans with a variety of features and content. Take a look at our unique advantages!


0€ Life-cycle costs

We care about all of you. Therefore, we have included free support in every subscription plan. No extra charges when you want to change a lay-out or edit some content.


By using our Client Console, you can edit and manage your app whenever and wherever you are - no need to send requests per email and wait for days or even weeks for changes to appear.

No hassle

Working with us is hassle-free. Official documents and sales reports are generated automatically and delivered to you whenever you want. Sponsor-billing is done by us as well.

A helping hand


An app can be unfamiliar territory for your sales representative. What sponsor real-estates are there? How can they be sold? What’s the pricing of each real-estate. These are all valid questions that many struggle with. However, your partner, Prometheus One, has top-of-the-line insight in this very business – why not let us help you? We can offer you example media cards, which you can use in your sales process. Our purpose in life is to see you succeed, so let us know if there’s anything you need help with.



How many shops you have, what you sell and at what price is entirely up to you. When you sign up for any of our services, one part of the process is that we order a vendor account for you. When a user purchases a product, the transaction will register in this account, and from there the money will be transferred to your account. You will also receive a report of what has been sold, at what price, what the taxes are and so forth. For the upkeep of this entire system, we charge only a minimal commission.



Team sponsors

We offer you numerous options to sell sponsorships, which we constantly develop to ensure that this app is profitable to you. These sponsor real-estates are provided to you for free, in exchange for a small commission.

The process itself is simple and fast – you deliver us the material (e.g. the sponsor’s logo), tell us where you want it and the sponsor’s billing address, and we do all the rest.

Programmatic ads

We retain the right to sell ads across our apps, which will also benefit you. 25% of the money generated from these ads will be transferred directly to your account, without you having to do anything.

However, these ads are not to have a detrimental effect on the user experience of your fans, nor on your brand or your relationship with your existing sponsors.

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Below are answers to frequently asked questions and other common topics. The list is updated regularly.

What do we base our monthly fees on?

We aim to provide you a mobile platform as cheaply as possible. However, a monthly fee is required to cover the costs of e.g. server workload and monitoring .

What modules are included in the 'Standard' package?

The 'Standard' subscription includes all 'basic' modules and features. These include:
 - Push Messages
 - News
 - Performer cards
 - Live-results
 - Timetables
 - Pre- and post-game statistics

For more information about features and modules, please click here .

What's the difference between the subscriptions?

The 'standard' subscription allows you to use all the 'basic' modules and features, whereas the 'premium' subscription has no limitations. When new modules are created, premium subscriptions will get immediate access to them. Standard XL will get some of the new modules, depending on the amount of work the module's implementation requires. Simply put, how much a module demands work from us dictates in which subscription it is located in.