December 14, 2018


PROMETHEUS_ONE_web_ticketWant to provide tickets in a modern and sustainable manner? With our tickets module, you can sell tickets to any event you want. When a user purchases a ticket, he or she will receive the ticket in the app and a receipt to his or her email. The ticket will display relevant information, such as date, location, name of the event etc., but also a QR-code.


Currently, we have four different validation options that you may choose from:

1) Simply showing the ticket. Depending on the nature of your event, it might be most feasible to only require the ticket be shown at the entrance. An animation is used in the tickets to prevent misuse by e.g. taking screenshots.

2) Tapping on the screen or using gestures. The ticket will be equipped with a validation button that will 'use' the ticket when tapped twice. After you tap on the button once, it will alert the user that the ticket should only be validated by the entrance. Another option is to use gestures, e.g. you validate the ticket by drawing a 'C' on the screen.

3) Using your phone's QR-reader. If you want to have a secure and fast validation but want to avoid hardware, just use your phone! Download our app and use its QR-reader feature to read a ticket's QR-code.

4) Using QR-readers. The fastest option out there is to use hardware manufactured specifically for this purpose: QR-readers. A small investment is required to acquire these readers, but if your attendance is high and you want to avoid long queues and misuse, this option is for you.


In the near-future we will also have a module for season-tickets. Stay tuned.