Sponsor slots

December 10, 2018

Sponsor slots

You will have rough time finding anyone, who tries as hard as us to give you money-making options. While we develop new modules and features, we are constantly brainstorming how our work can be used as sponsor slots.





The splash-screen will be seen by every user, why not sell it as a sponsor slot? An engaging feature for users is to vote for a game's best player, which could be sponsored. You can have the vote icon to transform to the logo of the sponsoring company, for that extra oomph. The home screen can have a traditional logo-carousel and away games in the schedule can have 'host' tabs, which inform fans where they can watch those away games.




You want more? Well, how about lotteries - a fun and engaging feature - or 'Rads' (from 'reward ads'), that can be implemented in two different ways: 1. complete a task, e.g. a questionnaire or watch a video, to earn in-app money, which the sponsor provides, or 2. your team scores four goals, so your fans get 10 % off their next purchase in Company X's store.


The bottom line is that we provide numerous opportunities for you to sell sponsorships, and we are constantly looking to expand our repertoire of sponsor slots.