Getting started

How our initiating process looks like

Our Process

Our bold statement is that we have the best customer service in the world. A part of this service is a comprehensive and customer-centric setting up process. You do not have to pay a single dime before publishing the app. Our process is comprised of four steps, but we have included additional info and best practices in their appropriate slots as recommendations. Take a look at how the entire process looks like below


Sign up

You sign up to our services, and by signing up you receive user rights to our client console (once it is published in Q1/2019) and a dedicated customer success agent.. However, you are not required to pay anything before the actual app is being published. 


The foundation

Based on the subscription type and your needs you are now able to create the foundation of your app. Naturally, your dedicated customer success agent will help you in this process. The foundation essentially means that you choose your template and which modules to use.


Content and testing

After the framework is set, you may begin inputting content. We are here to help you in each stage of the journey. When the content is set and you are happy with the settings, you may download a test app, which will look, feel and function exactly like your own future application. You are free to test and play with the app in a safe environment, which provides you with the possibility to do any changes to the app before it is published for the whole world to admire. 


Some modules require content in the form of text, pictures, pdfs or the like. Others require being connected to a database, which might be either internal or external.



Once you are happy with the app and you are prepared with marketing efforts, it is time for the publishing process. During this stage, we create and agree on legal documents, e.g. the billing-agreement. When the app is published, you are encouraged to promote your phenomenal app to both users and partners.

Best practices

Planning marketing

(Before Step 4 - Publishing)

As you test your app, you are also able to prepare your marketing – both toward users and fans, as well as business partners and sponsors. It is important to be prepared when the app is published, to come out with a bang! This increases the fans’ likelihood of downloading the app. We can provide you with customizable marketing templates that you can use in e.g. your social media channels, to promote your newly-published app.


As you explore the functionalities of your app, take screenshots and maybe customize our marketing templates, you can begin sponsor-talks already during your test-period. This means, that your app can actually make you more money than it costs, even before it is published!