Front Page Carousel


The Front Page Carousel (FPC) is the most simple and easy to understand advertising product available. Contrary to the name, though, the carousel can be placed elsewhere as well, and not only on the front page. Furthermore, numerous carousels can be in use at the same time, in different locations of the app. The carousel has two variants: a regular display and a click-campaign.


The low price of the FPC enables small, local companies to be present in their favorite team’s app. A small business owner wants to live and breathe his or her favorite team, and might even be in the crowd cheering for the team with customers. However, he or she cannot afford e.g. a sign for the entire season on the side of the field, rink or what the premises may be. We call the FPC the digital, smart cardboard sign.


Duration: 1 month

Price: €50 + vat.

CPM approximately €0,965


A start-date is configured for the campaign and what number of clicks ends the campaign.

Price: €50 + €0,50 / click +vat. Minimum number of clicks: 100.


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