The situation today

The situation today

February 07, 2019

We have a vast experience regarding smaller sports organizations and their struggles. This blog post is all about debriefing the situation - what the issues and struggles are today.

Behind the big headlines of super teams, such as Real Madrid or Manchester United, dwell an unfathomable amount of teams in different sports, with an average game attendance of hundreds or a few thousand (certainly far away from tens of thousands). These teams are run by only a few people, each of which has to work more than they have time for. These teams are local and often struggling to get more money. These are the teams, which in fact need apps, whereas super teams just want them. Let's take a closer look at why this is. 

PROMETHEUS_ONE_WEB_QUOTE_1An app is a costly premium service?

Apps are viewed as a luxurious product that only the rich can afford. Those who think this way are not wrong - just go take a look at this fun page that gives an estimate of what an app would cost you:

Babies are using phones and tablets before they learn to walk.

A common result is between $50k and $80k. Obviously, only teams with deep pockets can afford these and these prices are the roots to the idea of smaller teams not deserving apps. Why should hundreds of thousands of teams be left alone while only top tier teams are reaping the benefits of the evolving world?

Is there really a demand for applications?

We constantly hear that "we don't need an app here", while at the same time reports reveal that the vast majority of fans use their phones as a second screen even during a game. Mobile users are being counted in the billions and the amount of mobile devices is on the brink of eclipsing the number of humans on this little planet of our's. Babies are using phones and tablets before they learn to walk.

Okay, that last one is a slight exaggeration, but it's not that far from the truth. The point is that numbers tell that we are using our phones all the time, and it's hard to argue against numbers. We are slowly transitioning away from cash and even card-payments, and people are looking to get more and more things done with their phone. An application is a bundle that does precisely this, and while you, me or that other guy are uncomfortable using apps, numbers tell that the majority are not.

Tette Niinimäki
Tette Niinimäki

CMO of Prometheus One