The digital revolution

The digital revolution

February 12, 2019

Big companies, today, are required to be sustainable and have a social impact. In fact, many companies would like to contribute more to the community than they currently are able to. One reason is that local teams are lacking behind in what they offer. Cardboard ads and the like are unappealing to business partners, many of which are highly active in the digital environment. 

Digital real-estate is a fast, cheap and easy solution. Fast in the sense that in most cases you are only required to paste an image in the correct place. No need to order a new sign that takes days or weeks to arrive. Pasting an image is also extremely cheap, as you skip the manufacturing and shipping costs. When you compare pasting an image to ordering e.g. a sign, managing its delivery and installing it into its place, it becomes clear which option is the easy one.


Ads in an app are noticeable. Why? Because they appear where your fans are active. Will your fan notice a cardboard ad in a heap of cardboard ads? Maybe. Will your fan notice an exclusive ad or logo in your app? Definitively.

With a software you can even implement novel and innovating ads that are engaging. Engagement is a word that will make business partners drool all over your table. The fans of a local team are a unique group of people, who are emotionally connected to the team. A mobile application is a tool for companies to reach these fans and get them engaged with the company's brand.  

Engaging ads are worth their fictional weight in gold.

Let's take an example of an engaging ad: A user navigates to the player voting module within your app and sees the following: “Vote for the best player of the game in our app – one lucky voter will receive a €50 voucher to Company X”. When said fan votes for a player, the vote-icon will change to Company X’s logo. Engaging, and a vital part of the user-experience. This is an example of a modern marketing solution that companies are looking for, and these engaging ads are worth their fictional weight in gold.


Lastly, analytics. A fancy word that sponsors are attracted to. With an app, you can show cold, hard numbers to your sponsor, instead of loose promises. "This many use the app", "this many have seen your ad", "this many have clicked on your ad" etc. Company representatives are almost as busy as team managers, which is why numbers will help them understand and be attracted to digital ads.

Tette Niinimäki
Tette Niinimäki

CMO of Prometheus One