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Prometheus One is an efficient and free marketing tool for a team’s own events – no changing costs are generated.

Prometheus One serves also a team’s business partners. Connecting a brand to sports and youth sports promotes sustainability, social responsibility and other positive values. However, companies feel that teams lack lucrative forms of cooperation that create data. This functions as a barrier between companies and sports organisations – in some countries more than in others.

Prometheus One is a unique solution to erase this barrier. By inviting partners to the app, the team simultaneously opens a new source of revenue and growth.

Prometheus One provides advertising real-estate as simple and clear campaign products, which are easy to promote further. These should immediately be included in a team’s media card, which is a part of sales to business partners. The advertising real-estate itself and its pricing are ever developing, and we listen closely to the feedback and experiences of both teams and business partners.


  1. Display campaigns that are a part of the app’s interface. The team gets 80% of the generated revenue. Our Product 1 – Front Page Carousel is an example of a display campaign.
  2. Tailored advertising- and partner campaigns are naturally viable options, depending on cost estimates
  3. The international Prometheus One ad-network will launch in 2020, and offers teams a 50 % share of the revenue for free.

Our guiding prices are not set in stone, a team may negotiate higher prices if they so choose. Our prices are offers during the first year, after which we transition to contact-based pricing. The Client Console’s advertising dashboard brings you real-time user statistics, which can strengthen a campaign’s pricing-arguments and interest in the campaign.

  1. The team’s admin inputs the campaign’s information in the Client Console’s advertising dashboard by using the “new campaign” command. Information required: - Name of the campaign - Advertiser / billing information - Product type (banner / click-ad etc.) - Duration / date - In click-campaign: the target URL and the click ceiling (max amount) - The price of the campaign - Your accounting information - The contact person for the advertising material or upload of a banner - “Start campaign” (at least 5 business days before the start date)
  2. Our visual designer ensures that the material you provide can be used, and if need be our designer will be in touch with the advertiser’s contact person. If necessary, our visual designer can also create the banner for an additional fee. A preview of the approved / delivered banner is available in the Client Console.
  3. We bill the advertiser beforehand when you click “Start campaign”. The campaign will be published once the payment is received, and 80 % of this is immediately forwarded to the team. The earnings and status are visible in the Client Console.
  4. The campaign ends and the banner vanishes at midnight at the last day of the month, or when another limit is reached, e.g. the ceiling of a click-campaign. The team’s admin can download an Excel spreadsheet with all the clicks, timestamps etc., which can be forwarded to the customer.
Product 1

"Old" sponsors

Naturally, a team's perennial business partner needs to be present in the app with its logo, although this partner wouldn't immediately be excited to take advantage of this new real-estate. We offer three options for displaying your partner portfolio:

  1. Splash screen. A prominent option, visible for everyone while the app is launching, and most suitable for long-term partners.
  2. Partner carousel. A rotating carousel with logos that can be placed almost anywhere.
  3. Partner menu. A separate page within the app that displays select partners, accessible by a freely-placed button.

The first year's partner portfolio and its content is tailored during the publishing process, according to your wishes.