Our story

Prometheus One is owned by Wallasvaara Engage Oy, which started its business in late 2016. Prometheus One’s revolutionary technology is called Audience Engage, and brings all the tools of controlling the app to you. Members of the Audience Engage family are all Standard, Standard XL and Premium subscriptions. We hear constantly about the struggles of different sports and sports organizations, and our ultimate mission is to vanquish these struggles.

Money is not everything in life, but money is important for struggling sports teams and to us, so why not start making it together?”

Since we have world-class talent and knowledge in our office, why limit ourselves to only the Audience Engage family? This thought spawned our third product category: The Shapechanger. As the customer is always right - if our customer wants a custom-made app, we will oblige. The complex systems and codes require us to retain most of the steering wheels, but our knowledge and unique mindsets differentiate us from our competitors.

Our insight in the sports business tells us that organizations don’t view statistics systems as means for generating revenue. Therefore, no real effort is being put into them as you will still be a user, because you have to. Another common situation is using traditional pen and paper for your stats. We want to challenge this thinking and have decided to create a user-friendly statistics system. Its affordability and unmatched user-friendliness will provide the majority of today’s sports organizations with the option to transfer from pen and paper to digital. This, in turn, provides unique opportunities of use within apps, which easily translates to revenue-growth.

Projects of our own at the moment include Stax and Xampion Floorball. We have gathered a network of partners, with whom we aim to evolve and revolutionize sports. Stax will change the Athletics-scene forever. The Xampion Floorball app’s mild goal is to be the go-to floorball app globally, and is done for the company Xampion Floorball. Both of these projects are extremely exciting and will have a huge impact on their respective sports. Please visit their sites to learn more!