Elevate your game

Prometheus One is service platform that allows you to create your very own app. Our revolutionary technology gives you the tools to keep your content up-to-date, which effectively translates to affordable prices.


Simply choose the subscription model that works best for you, and start to converge those mobile fans.

A glimpse into the future

A fresh and modern mobile platform, where your sponsors can connect with your fans, is a requirement today.


With Prometheus One you have full control of your app's looks and content. Choose from our wide selection of features and modules the ones that suit you best. 

Money, money, money

An app shouldn't be an expense, but an investment. Instead of taking money, we want apps to make money. It's called a sustainable future, which we want you to be a part of.

Increase in-venue sales

Free yourself from cash and card payments, and start providing fans with mobile purchasing options. Goodbye cash and hardware - hello mobile purchasing!


With Prometheus One you only need one mobile device that the cashier uses. Even that's too much? Hey, we also have solutions where the cashier doesn't need anything at all.

Grow and boost game attendance?

How do you increase your attendance? Reach fans in an engaging mobile environment, e.g. push-notifications allow you to hype upcoming games and boost in-venue sales.

Legal Documents & Reports

Legal documents for Apple and Google are generated automatically, as well as financial reports, so you can put your time and energy where it is needed!


Reach your fans right now. Anytime, anywhere. 24/7. Did we mention that you choose when and where to reach your fans? We did? Good. Anytime.


We offer a deeper understanding in who attends your games and their behaviour. We are constantly improving our statistics-tools to help you in modern marketing.

"But apps cost too much!"

What if creating your unique team app would be a source of income, rather than a cost. Now it is! With Prometheus One.

You’re welcome.

Sponsor Real-estate

Your fans comprise a unique target audience, that sponsors can now reach in an engaging mobile environment. We are continuously developing sponsoring opportunities.


Your unique looks

Your content

Our engine

Rather a source of income, than a cost

Finally, a tool has emerged that every sports organization can take advantage of.
Simply select a price plan, and we'll set-up an account for you. New features are published frequently!



  • Set-up fee: €1599
  • Monthly fee: €229 
  • Modules included: Basic





Standard XL


  • Set-up fee: €2499
  • Monthly fee: €279 
  • Modules included: Basic + shops







  • Set-up fee: €3999
  • Monthly fee: €329
  • Modules included: All







  • Starting fee: Tailored
  • Monthly fee: €199
  • Stats input system and database





For more information go to our pricessubscriptions and modules pages. 


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